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STOP #189

We are visiting our third and final Army Corps of Engineers campground in Florida. All three are located along the Okeechobee Waterway which connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico via Lake Okeechobee.

These campgrounds are very popular during the winter months when the snowbirds migrate to Florida. We were very fortunate to secure week long reservations at these locations.

Also fortunate for us is the fact that Tricia's Aunt Jill and Uncle Peter live nearby in Fort Myers.

They are about the only family members who haven't had a chance to see THE POD. It's only due to a case of bad timing, whenever we were in Florida, they were in Cape Cod. Then when we were in Cape Cod, they were in Florida.

Finally we are both in the same place at the same time and we'll make sure to get together for a visit while we are here this week.

GOOD NEWS: Our Campsite #27 in just after a tight turn at the end of the campground.

BAD NEWS: The big motorhomes have a problem negotiating the turn and come awful close to our Airstream.

GOOD NEWS: We have a wonderful view of the overnight boat slips and waterway.

SUNDAY - Well we have made to the end of our February in Florida. Looking back we had 16 days above 80°F, that's more than half the entire month. Other than three days near the beginning of the month all the other days were above 70°F.

That's just a little warmer than we like, but I guess it's better than getting caught in the freezing weather over in Texas where we had originally planned to be this year. We'll still make it over to Texas, just not until the middle of April.

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