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STOP #188

This week we find ourselves back in Broward County, FL. We are actually at the same campground where we spent an entire month before hitting the road back in 2018.

A lot has changed since we left here almost three years ago. Back then it was at the beginning of summer and campsites were discounted to just $30 a night. This time we are here in winter and the campsites are at a premium of $45 a night.

Also we are in the middle of a pandemic and the bathrooms and showers are all closed to help maintain social distancing. The entire park is closed to the public five days a week while they administer COVID vaccines on the opposite side of the huge park.

Even with all that going on we couldn't have picked a better place to spend a week visiting family, friends and coworkers from our previously stationary lives.

We visited with most people at restaurants with outdoor seating. That way we also got the chance to revisited all of our favorite restaurants like 4-Rivers BBQ, Mission BBQ, Bahama Breeze and Thai Garlic. We also were introduced to new favorites like Bagels and a Whole Lot More and the Moonlite Diner.

We squeezed in eye doctor appointments and a visit with our insurance agent.

Several people came by our campsite for a visit when the park was open to the public on Sunday and Monday. We set up a couple of tables and chairs outdoors at a relatively safe distance apart. We even met up with one friend in a Target parking lot on their lunch break.

Markham Park Campsite D3

We didn't get to see everyone we wanted to and didn't get to spend nearly as much time as we would have liked with the ones we did visit with, but we did the best we could.

Our next two stops will include visits with family and then we'll be heading out of Florida to return to our life on the road.

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