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STOP #183

With an uneventful travel day across the state of Florida we arrived at Faver-Dykes State Park for a four day weekend visit.

Campsite #15 at Faver-Dykes State Park outside of St. Augustine, FL

A side view of our campsite.

With nothing planned for sightseeing here we instead took all four days to chillax and enjoy the park. We have driven through this campground years before on a previous trip to the St. Augustine area, but have never camped here until today.

In an effort to camp at all 55 Florida State Parks that offer RV campsites we felt it time to check this one off the list. This is the 45th Florida State Park that one of us have camped in over the years, 22 of those were in a tent before we started to RV, so we only have 10 more to go.

We won't see the remaining 10 this year, but one more future trip through the state of Florida ought to "git-er-done" as Larry the Cable Guy would say!

We found the perfect place to watch the sunset was from the fishing dock, where we also found a palm losing it's battle to remain upright.

Fishing dock overlooking the prairie

Literally holding on for dear life

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