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STOP #185

After a grueling and exhaustive 16.2 mile move today we took on the fun task of doing a months worth of our laundry. Three loads in the mega-sized washers and an equal number of loads in the industrial sized dryers took care of the job. Now we have clean clothes, two fresh sets of bed sheets and plenty of towels for everyday cleanups. Ahhh!

In case you didn't pickup the campground name in the graphic above, we are now at Santos Trailhead Campground, which is also located on the Cross Florida Greenway. While Ross Prairie Campground was geared toward the equestrian community, Santos Trailhead is geared towards the mountain bike community.

Although you don't have to partake in either activity to camp in the campgrounds, expect there to be lots of activity going on all around you during your visit.

Campsite #15 at Santos Trailhead Campground outside of Ocala, FL

Once again plenty of outdoor space to enjoy.

TUESDAY - Today was an errand day for me while Tricia was getting her work done. First stop was Target to pick up some of the Market Pride brand cheese crackers we both enjoy snacking on while moving to the next campsite.

This was the second Target store I've checked at this week and both were out of stock when it came to our cheese crackers, they both had the peanut butter filled crackers, but neither had the cheese version. I'm not sure why that is?

UPDATE: Mystery solved!

I was in a third Target store today, Feb. 10th, and learned that Target is in the midst of rebranding all of their Market Pride foods with a new name and logo, but the same great products. Until that happens I won't see anymore cheese crackers unless I find a store that has had them on the shelf for more than a few months. I'm not sure I would want them now, even if I did find them knowing that.

Next up was Walmart to get one of our 3-gallon water bottles filled. It was here in the parking lot I saw something I've don't believe I've ever seen before!

Reserved golf cart parking at Walmart

Not only did they have reserved parking spaces for golf cart parking, there was a separate parking lot entrance from the community located behind the store. It was located on the side of the property and was just wide enough for one golf cart to squeeze through.

The reason for this special consideration? We are at the northern edge of the Central Florida mecca for retirees, the 55+ community know as The Villages. It appears there are more golf carts than automobiles in this community, so why not?

It also explains the countless number of businesses along this stretch of US441 that deal with the sales/service/mobile repair of golf carts. Some of them are just plain old golf carts but some of the residents show off by blinging out their carts with hard sided enclosures, windshield wipers, Rolls Royce style fenders with chrome wheel covers, along with an assortment of lights and other decorations. I guess the money they save on not needing to own a car they spend on their carts. To each their own I always say.

Last stop is Publix, for a few days worth of groceries and lunch from the deli. Yummy!

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