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STOP #182

If you guessed Suwannee River as the ending of this blog post title you were correct. We have set up camp this weekend at Suwannee River State Park in Live Oak, FL.

Todays drive was fairly windy traveling across Interstate 10. We traveled past Tallahassee where a tornado had touched down just yesterday. As a precaution I took an additional 5MPH off of my usual speed just to play it safe. This was before we saw an accident on the road where it looked like a single car had spun out of control and pinned itself up against the concrete bridge post in the median strip.

No other damaged cars or trucks were anywhere to be seen. There was already an ambulance and several sheriff vehicles at the scene when we passed by. It must have been a pretty severe crash, enough to take the entire front cap off the car and deposit it about 30 feet away against the other post holding up the bridge. I hope everyone survived the crash!

SATURDAY - This morning we are expecting a visit from our good friends Heather and Mike, who are driving over from nearby Jacksonville to spend a night camping with us.

As you can see from the photos below we have plenty of room to park an extra car and room in our back yard for their tent. They arrived around 10:00AM, set up their tent and Mike settled down for some much needed sleep after working the overnight shift until 6:00AM this morning.

Campsite #19 at Suwannee River State Park in Live Oak, FL

Our backyard view.

Our side yard view.

The girls and I took off to get some lunch and do the grocery shopping to give Mike a chance to get some quiet time, at least our site was quiet.

We woke Mike, as requested, around 3:30PM and then around 5:00PM the girls started preparing dinner. Us guys started a campfire and I thought back and couldn't remember the last time we had a campfire. I believe it was back in Texas, before the whole pandemic hit, so at least 10 months ago.

It sure was nice sitting around a campfire and chatting with our dear friends.

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