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STOP #181

Something I neglected to blog about from our previous stop was a cell phone issue we experienced.

As you can see from the top of the map on the left, we were camped on the southwestern shore of Lake Seminole in Jackson County, FL which is in the Central Time Zone. Unfortunately the nearest cell phone tower was on the opposite shore of Lake Seminole in Georgia, which is in the Eastern Time Zone. Yet occasionally when we were sitting at the dinette the phones would connect with a cell tower west of us in Florida, which is in Central Time Zone.

After we traveled our 28 miles due south today we are once again "walking the tightrope" between time zones. We are now on the east side of the Apalachicola River in Liberty County, FL in the Eastern Time Zone. Yet just across the river is a cell tower in Calhoun County, FL which is of course in the Central Time Zone.

What does all of this mean? It means if we ever do settle down and want our phones to display the correct time, it won't be anywhere near a Time Zone Line!

Campsite #16 at Torreya State Park in Bristol, FL

Looking out at our side yard from the bedroom window.

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