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STOP #178

After our two week stay at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in Florida we had a three day gap in our campground reservations to fill. When I saw an availability at Gulf State Park in nearby Alabama I immediately reserved it.

Granted the middle of January is not the ideal time to book a stay at a beachside park, but the scenery is still nice and this park is nearly filled all year round and very difficult to get into. The campground is only 9 miles outside the Florida state line and the Gulf beaches are just a short walk across the street.

Campsite #60 at Gulf State Park in Alabama

TUESDAY - Tricia has been working the entire three days we have been here in Alabama and I have been too.

I have been working on the "States Where The P.O.D. Has Landed Map" and charts found at the bottom of this website page. The map has always been there, but what is new is the way the number of nights data is presented. I used to have to manually update the numbers each time we changed campsites and shuffle them in decending order to keep it current.

Now all that is done automatically when I update our spreadsheet each morning. Additionally there is a new feature where the state we are currently in will have a thick black underline. The total number of nights in each region chart is also new.

Now if I could just get the state color in the map to change automatically according to the data I would have nothing to manually take care of each day.

All this is accomplished using the free Google Sheets and it's Charts feature. There is a map chart in Google Sheets, but I'm not happy with the lack of ability to customize it the way I want it to look.

I know this all looks extremely childlike or so 1980s to the real software engineers who build websites today, but I accomplished all this with no special training or expensive software. Just imagining what data I wanted to have it display and what I wanted it to look like, then finding a way to get the software to give it to me! Not bad for an old retired guy, huh?

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