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STOP #179

Most of this week was spent without the use of our truck ROVER. Two weeks ago we took ROVER in for a much needed repair to solve an issue we have been dealing with since October.

There was a Ford dealership in Fort Walton Beach that had the necessary parts in stock, we have found most dealerships don't. They had the truck for two days and believed they had solved our problem. We unfortunately didn't drive it around much after we got it back because we were still at our Airstream Rally visiting with friends and no need to go anywhere.

At the end of the rally we moved a little over 100 miles over into Alabama for a short visit and on our return trip to Florida we had a check engine light come on and the truck began running very irregularly.

After getting set up we made another Ford appointment for the following morning, coincidentally at the same dealership that did the work two weeks earlier, hoping they would be able to solve it once and for all. Turned out that one of the new parts they had installed was defective and they had to order a new one this time.

We dropped ROVER off on Thursday morning and soon found out they would not be able receive the needed part until Monday morning. So we would be without the truck until after the weekend.

Monday afternoon the truck was ready and they sent the Courtesy Van over 15 miles to pick us up. I'm happy to say it finally feels like it's running as good as new! Time will tell.

After picking up the truck we immediately started getting caught up on some errands. First was to pick up Tricia's sewing machine that I had dropped off two weeks earlier at the repair shop. It's a 40 year old Kenmore that her parents bought her when she started middle school and yes it still works, all it needed was a good cleaning and some fresh oil.

Next was filling the truck with gasoline and then filling two of our three 3-gallon water bottles at Walmart. Then right next door at Publix we did our grocery shopping for the next week or so.

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