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YEAR #3 - STOP #52

Today's drive was a short 80 miles and it was all Interstate driving which made it easy. The only thing not making it easy was the fact that it started raining as soon as we left our campsite and it didn't stop until we arrived at the check-in office at our new campsite.

We drove I-40 West until we got to Knoxville, TN where it intersects with I-75, which is where we started heading south. Not long after getting on I-75 South we saw a sign saying 20 miles to Philadelphia? I thought, that can't be right, Philadelphia, PA is over 600 miles northeast of here.

Turns out there is also a town named Philadelphia here in Tennessee, who knew? There is also a town named Philadelphia in Mississippi, Missouri and New York, plus a New Philadelphia in Pennsylvania and Ohio. So I guess it's not that uncommon a name after all.

Campsite #6 at Over-Niter RV Park

Like the title to the blogpost says, we're here for another cave tour. But this is not your ordinary cave tour! This tour includes a boat ride on America's largest underground lake and it's considered to be one of the Top Ten Cave Tours in the United States.

It's called The Lost Sea Adventure and we'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if it lives up to all the hype, we hope so!

MONDAY - I sure hope I'm not becoming jaded (defined as: tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something) about cave tours.

For me he best thing about this cave experience was the entrance. It was like walking down into a nuclear fallout shelter which was pretty cool.

After that the whole tour went literally downhill. For the next 3/8 of a mile we went downhill until we came to the dock on the edge of an underground lake.

I thought, this could be cool! I couldn't see where the back end of this lake was even after they turned on the underwater lighting. We then boarded an aluminum boat with seating for 10 or so down each side of the boat, which was power by a small electric trolling motor. We didn't go very fast, or far, as it turned out.

Once away from the dock we began seeing some larger fish (rainbow trout) in the water, but we were then told they were placed in here by the management. There is no way in or out of the cave for the fish, so the tour guides feed them some kind of pellet food to make them swarm around the boat.

We went round and round in tight circles until the feeding was finished and then headed back to the dock. At no time did we loose sight of the dock and I would guess we were never more than 100 feet away.

That's where the tour ended and all that was left was to climb back up the 3/8 of a mile, with several rest stops thrown in, and exit the cave.

By far the most interesting and unusual thing I saw on this cave tour was a pair of shoes that one person decided to wear for the tour. It's the only photo I took on the entire tour.

That's right! A four inch pair of high heels. What was she thinking?
Her husband held her arm, supporting and balancing her up and down the entire walk.
By the way, they were the last ones to climb out of the cave!

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