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YEAR #3 - STOP #53

We have arrived at Tennessee's largest State Park (over 26,000 acres) which is home to the highest free-fall waterfall (256 feet) east of the Mississippi River.

We are at Fall Creek Falls State Park. There are six waterfalls here along with a one-way scenic loop drive with five overlooks to stop and take pictures at. They also have three caves but they are not open to the public at this time.

We shouldn't run out of things to do for the five days we'll be here and should definitely have a few photos to share.

Campsite B78 at Fall Creek Falls State Park

SUNDAY - On Thursday, Friday and Sunday we got out on the trails and viewed the falls in the park. The scenic loop drive was great for seeing the canyons and made it convenient to get to all the trailheads in the park. Most of the time it was shorter to hike or bike from the campground to all the trailheads, because they take a more direct route through the woods, but we choose to drive to each.

The following slideshow pictures were taken over the course of our five days exploring the park. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did taking them.


These manmade falls are at the edge of a picnic area near the campground.
A view of one of the overlooks along the scenic loop drive.
One of the ancient deep canyons, now filled in with trees.
With the suspension bridge closed for repairs, this is the rocky path you have to negotiate your way down to get a far away view of Piney Falls.
Piney Falls view from the end of the trail.
This is the star of the show, for us anyway, Cane Creek Falls as seen from the Nature Center patio.
Cane Creek Falls from just above the top of the falls.
The newly refurbished suspension bridge over Cane Creek Falls.
The view from the center of the bridge.
Stairs leading down to the base of Cane Creek Falls.
The amazing view from the base of the falls.
Not sure of the name of this thin waterfall? But it's just downstream from Cane Creek Falls.
Finally, the park's namesake, the 256 foot tall Fall Creek Falls.

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