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YEAR #3 - STOP #50

After a longer than normal travel day we arrived at our next stop, Indian Springs Campground in Hickory, NC. We are here for three days for just one very special reason, to visit with my son Michael.

Last time we saw him was just a little over two years ago while we were in the area exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway. That time we left THE POD behind at the campground while we drove down the mountain into Hickory for a visit and he wasn't able to see our home on wheels.

This time however we brought THE POD with us closer to town and after a quick meal at his favorite restuarant he came over to the campsite for a visit. Fortunately this visit he was able to take the day off from work so we had more time to share.

It was great seeing him again and knowing that generally things are going well for him.

Campsite #20 at Indian Springs Campground

WEDNESDAY - We do have a couple of other things to report on our visit here!

Since we purchased THE POD two and a half years ago we have been using the shower stall for a place to store extra towels, our gallon sized laundry detergent bottle and then of course, our dirty laundry. Today, for the first time, we cleared it all out and used it as a shower!

Why now you may be wondering? The last two campgrounds we have visited have been closing down for the winter season right after we leave. They also close down the showers, restrooms and water spigots beforehand in preparation for the freezing temperatures predicted for this time of year.

Whether it's cold out or not, at a predetermined date the facilities begin their shutdown procedures. To top it off the small private campground we are in right now does not even have a public restroom or shower facility, but we knew that when making our reservations. It is the only campground inside the city limits of Hickory, NC.

This next item was a surprise for Tricia. This morning I offered to go take Tricia out for breakfast if she would ride with me to get gasoline for our moving day tomorrow. This is something I usually do alone while Tricia stays at home.

We grabbed a quick drive through breakfast at Bojangles, filled up with gasoline at Murphy's in the Walmart parking lot and went inside Walmart to hopefully (because not all Walmart's offer this) refill our two empty 3 gallon water bottles (we have three) for 39 cents a gallon. It's the cheapest way we've found to get good tasting, clean filtered, reverse osmosis drinking water. I guess we're just a couple of water snobs!

The surprise came when I told her not to pick up to many groceries in Walmart because we had one more stop to make before heading back to the trailer. It has been ten months since we have been in the vicinity of a Publix Supermaket, our favorite, and there just so happens to be one here in HIckory, NC.

We were both happy when we found out they did indeed stock several of our favorite grocery items. For Tricia it's Badia Mojo Marinade, Hot Italian Turkey Sausage and Publix Brand Yogurt. For me it was the 4Rivers BBQ Sauce and to make things even better, it was what I like to call, Gas Card Week. About once a month Publix runs a special where for every $50 you spent on groceries they will sell you a $50 Gasoline Gift Card for just $40, that's a 20% savings, much more than my 5% offer from Ducks Unlimited VISA.

So we spent $100 on groceries and got $100 of gas for just $80.
I'm always looking for a way to save a couple of bucks.

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