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YEAR #3 - STOP #51

It is our moving day, but usually it doesn't start until around 8:00AM. At around 6:00 AM both of our cell phones gave out a horrendous sound informing us of a flood warning in our area. About 15 minutes later I got up and took a look out the windows and saw a lot of activity down by the creek that runs along the border of the campground.

Two days ago I walked down to this creek with my son and it was 3-4 feet below the banks. This morning it was right up at the very edge of being contained. Everyone camping along the perimeter of the campground was scrambling to get their trailers and motorhomes away from the edge of the creek and up to slightly higher ground.

The fire department showed up just as we were leaving.
That empty campsite in the foreground, that was our site!

Just two minutes later water came over the banks and flooded the campground.
As you can see there were two unoccupied trailers in the back left behind.

To literally put all of this morning's excitement behind us, we got on the Interstate and drove about 20 miles west before exiting. We pulled into a "not yet open for lunch" Subway parking lot to wait until the rain stopped and calmly ate breakfast in THE POD.

Several hours and nearly 200 miles later we arrived at our new campsite and guess what?
We are right back on the water's edge.

At least this time we have a huge hydroelectic dam, managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority, just up river that controls the amount of water that passes by our campsite.

Let's hope they know what their doing because
there are hundreds of millions of gallons of water on the other side of that dam!

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