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YEAR #3 - STOP #39

This is the second time this year we have had Cape Cod as our end destination for the day, it is also the second time this year we have experienced a flat tire situation. What are the odds? A close friend of mine would say, if it happened, then it's 100%.

We were no more than five miles from our previous night's campsite in Connecticut when our TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) alerted us that we had a trailer tire that was slowly losing pressure. It was fine when we pulled out of our campsite, we check every time before hitting the road.

Earlier this year we were traveling on the Interstate in New York when a valve stem went bad and let half the air out of the tire in just a few seconds. We chose to pull over in a rest area and call for service to install our spare tire, which then allowed us to proceed on down the road. We took care of getting that fixed after arriving in Cape Cod.

This time we had a chance to locate a nearby repair facility where they were quickly able to patch/plug the tire before we got back on the road. They found a good sized screw right in the middle of one of the curbside tires. Not the same tire as earlier this year, but it was on the same side of the trailer.

Anyway we safely made in to Tricia's aunt and uncle's driveway just an hour later than expected, where we have planned a two week visit.

FRIDAY - Less than an hour after arriving in Cape Cod it looked like Christmas (minus the colorful wrapping paper) in Tricia's aunt and uncle's backyard. The reason for that is because for the last few weeks we have been having all of our Amazon orders shipped directly to their home. I coudn't believe the stack of boxes they brought out of their home for us. Tricia spent a solid twenty minutes opening packages, boxes and envelopes. When the dust settled there was one big box full of packaging materials and one smaller box filled with our actual purchases in it.

There were a lot of little necessity items like new socks and underwear, USB cables, sunglasses and other whatnot. But there were also a couple of big ticket items! For me, a Cuisinart Petit Gourmet portable propane grill and a refurbished Verizon Jetpack MiFi 6620L. Tricia's big ticket item, other than the new Samsung Galaxy S20+ cellphone she already received last month, is her brand new Nikon COOLPIX P1000 camera that she has been impatiently waiting for. Her old camera quit working back in April while we were still in Texas.

Which means we should once again start seeing some of her awesome zoomed-in nature photos here on this blog any day now!

FRIDAY - Today ends our first of two weeks camped here in Tricia's aunt and uncle's driveway in Cape Cod. It also starts the beginning of the Labor Day Weekend here on the Cape, which seems to be the signal for all the out of town visitors to head back home. But for us, it's just good to relax and visit with all her relatives on the Cape.

Most mornings we are greeted by as many as a half dozen wild turkeys roaming through the front yard, pecking around for their breakfast.

Anyone up for a little Wild Turkey in the morning?

Twice this week Tricia's aunt has cooked up dinners for us worthy of being served on Thanksgiving. Roasted chicken (no, not turkey), homemade stuffing, garlic bread, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh salad, corn on the cob. That's just the parts of the meal I ate, there were other offerings as well.

You see Tricia's aunt and uncle used to run a small part-time catering business from her home, so she knows how to cook for a crowd. At the same time she had a full time career as an Emergency Room Nurse at Cape Cod Hospital.

These dinners are enjoyed at a table in the backyard under a huge patio umbrella. Sometimes we just sit underneath their lighted gazebo, complete with comfortable seating, around a propane fire pit (I'm thinking s'mores).

Mid-week we asked them who their favorite pizza joint was and called them to deliver enough pizza to make sure there were leftovers for everyone.

There's a full sized swimming pool waiting for us behind that white fence!

Tonight and tomorrow will be more arrivals from the rest of their family to spend the holiday weekend and I heard a rumor that Saturday night dinner will include FRESH LOBSTER! What else would you expect while in New England?

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