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YEAR #3 - STOP #42

After a relatively short travel day we arrived at our destination in Allentown, PA. If you're wondering the answer is yes, it's the same Allentown that Billy Joel sang about back in 1982.

But you may also be wondering, why would we want to stay in this particular big city area? That an easy answer, another cave tour of course!

It's also only the second time in two years that we are stayng in a KOA campground, there just were no other decent camping options in this area. But hey, it's only for two nights!

Our campsite here at Allentown KOA.

WEDNESDAY - This morning we have planned to visit the Crystal Cave over in Kutztown, PA., about 25 miles southwest of Allentown.

After a quick drive thru breakfast at Dunkin Donuts we were on our way. I'm glad we padded our travel time because we ran into a little morning rush hour traffic headed into Allentown on the Interstate. We still arrived with time to spare, but we weren't the first to arrive like we usually are.

All Crystal Cave tours are first come first serve and they only take 15 people on each tour to conform with the COVID restrictions in Pennsylvania. There were only eight of us on the first tour this morning and we all had to wear our masks during the entire tour.

The ticket office and gift shop is housed in the original 1870s inn that was built when the cave was discovered and tours started being offered.

I asked everyone why there was a Conch Republic Flag from Key West, FL hanging from the second floor balcony and no one knew why. It still brought a smile to my face to see it there.

The tour starts with an 8-minute long video presentation about the history of the cave and it's exploration. You can see they take their social distancing very seriously here at Crystal Cave.

Right at the beginning of the tour we saw this stalactite formation. Doesn't it look like someone dropped their triple scoop vanilla ice cream cone?

At the halfway point in the tour there was a viewing platform high above the rest of the walkway and three of our eight guests opted out of climbing the extra stairs. We did not! From up there we were able to see nearly half of the cave tour route.

After exiting the cave we decided to take "the scenic route" home on the backroads instead of getting back on the Interstate like we did thhis morning.

While traveling the backroads home we just had to stop and take photos of this rural Pennsylvania yard art.

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