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YEAR #3 - STOP #40

Last year when we visited Rhode Island we stayed down along the southern coast in Fisherman's Memorial State Park at an elevation of just 1 foot. This time we decided to visit the area around the highest point in Rhode Island, which is Jerimoth Hill at an elevation of 812 feet (our campsite is at 799 feet).

The two locations are not that far apart as the entire state is only 37 miles wide and 48 miles tall, easily the smallest of the United States. It is just over half the size of Delaware, which is the second smallest state.

When it comes to population it ranks 44th in total population, but comes in 2nd place when you start talking about population density. Only one state is more densely populated than Rhode Island, does anyone want to take a guess who holds that spot? Register your guess in our Facbook Group comments. No cheating! (i.e. using Google or any other online resource)

Anyway we are here visiting Rhode Island for just four nights, and if you add that to our previous visit of four nights, you'll get a grand total of eight nights. I imagine that will keep Rhode Island securely in last place as we track how many nights we spend in each state during our RVing life.

Since we haven't planned any entertaining activities to write about while we are here,
I thought I would write something a little educational instead. Hope you don't mind!

Our Campsite #102 here at Oakleaf Family Campground in Rhode Island

SUNDAY - is our fun day this week! Since the actual highest point in Rhode Island is only three miles from our campsite we decided to go check it out.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to a special lunch for a successful outing. Whom I kidding, we would have treated ourselves even if we had failed.

Once you see this sign look for a place to pull off the road and park.

There is a short 3/10's of a mile path through the woods you must hike between the parking lot and the summit in order to consider yourself at the top of the state.

The easy to follow path through the woods.

Once there you'll find a clearing with a large rock and an ammo box containing a register to sign, just to prove to others that you were there. You can just make out the ammo box on the right hand side in the photo below, secured to the base of the tree with a steel cable lock.

With that stack of rocks added to the high point is it now 813 feet?

The Highpointers Foundation placed the register there and maintains it. Think of the highpointers as the geocachers of the highest points in each state. If you are interested in learning more about the foundation click the link I included.

...and now for that special lunch I talked about.

If you have spent any time looking at the other pages of this blog you'll be familiar with my Bucket List Pages.

Each state has a list of activities and a few iconic foods to taste while visiting. Last year we spent over a month in Mississippi and I asked the same thing everywhere we went, "Where can I get a slice of Mississippi Mud Pie"?

Half the time they had no idea what I was looking for and the other half they had no idea where I could get a taste. So I gave up and left the state without ever finding it.

Who knew I would have to travel to the tiny state of Rhode Island to purchase ice cream made and distributed from the state of Maine to get a taste of Mississippi Mud Pie, even if it is ice cream and not pie!

In case you were wondering, Mississippi Mud Pie Ice Cream is made with coffee ice cream stuffed with crushed cream-filled chocolate cookies and a whirl of chocolate-coated cookie crumbles.

Also in case you were wondering, YES it was good to the last spoonful and YES we ate it all because there is no room in our tiny freezer, hence it was our lunch!

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