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YEAR #3 - STOP #38

We have started to make our way back to Cape Cod for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend. We chose to look for a private campground with electric hookups so we could run our air conditioner during the 90°F days forecast for the rest of the week.

What we found is Highland Campground in Scotland, CT, which is actually $1 a night cheaper than we were paying for our non-electric site in the state park. This is entirely due to the state park charging a $10 per night surcharge to any out of state visitors.

It's nice and quiet since no one is home on either side of us

It is an older park with lots of permanent resident sites who don't appear to be here right now. This place is definitely a campground and not a fancy resort, but we don't mind, we kind of like the campground atmosphere here!

The laundry and restrooms are conveniently right across the street from our site.

They do have free cable TV, laundry equipment (which we were in need of), private hot showers (which we were also in need of) and even a residential sized swimming pool up by the office.

Plenty of space even though sites are not separated with any kind of foliage.

What they don't have are a lot of screaming kids running around our site and dogs subsequently barking at anything that moves, compounding the noise and distractions. It is a peaceful place where we hope to get some work done this week. That way we are free to visit with family all around Cape Cod for the next two weeks, before heading south for the rest of the year.

SATURDAY - Yesterday, after I was all finished setting up camp, I walked over to ROVER to close up the tailgate and saw a mouse headed out of the bed of the truck. He got one look at me, made a u-turn, and headed back inside the truck bed, darn it he was fast!

Now I can't be sure if he has been traveling along with us for a while or he just joined us at this new campsite. Just to be safe we loaded up all four of our mouse traps with some Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter, they seem to love it, I don't, and placed two of them in the usual places inside of THE POD and the other two inside the bed of ROVER.

It didn't take long to snag the hungry little bugger, even though I had all ready decided to leave all the traps out for the entire week while we are here.

The very next morning I checked all the traps and found him in one of the two I set inside the bed of the truck. Using a zip-lock baggie I placed him in with the rest of the trash and went to the dumpster to dispose of him. Let's hope the rest of his friends were watching and learned a valuable lesson today!

NEWS UPDATE: It's now the end of the week and no more mice!

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