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YEAR #3 - STOP #34

It's hard to believe that we have been in Vermont for the last six weeks, but it's time to move back over to New Hampshire before heading further south and eventually back over to Cape Cod for the Labor Day Weekend.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to comment on our Facebook Group page and hope that the comments keep coming. I also suggest everyone makes it a habit to read the comments as well as this blog.

With this being our second time through the New England area we haven't been doing any of the vacation type sightseeing like we did last year. Most all of the big cities and attractions are off limits if you're trying to social distance, instead we're staying home, relaxing or working on a few minor projects around THE POD and ROVER.

TUESDAY - Today is a waiting game for us. Like most of our friends back in South Florida did yesterday we are now preparing for the what Hurricane Isaias, now Tropical Storm Isaias, has in store for us up here in southwestern New Hampshire. As with all tropical storms the two main concerns are high wind and high water.

First concern is the wind! Our forecast here is for sustained winds of 30MPH with gusts up to 60MPH later tonight. It's not so much the wind, but what might happen regarding the trees surrounding THE POD. I'm not sure when the last time a strong wind cleared out any dead branches from the trees high above us. I don't see any concerns from down on the ground, but you never know what lies high up in the trees.

I hope these trees are as healthy as they look!

Second concern is the water! The back bumper of THE POD is only a few yards away from the Ashuelot River and there is a flash flood warning for this area beginning later this afternoon. We have been assured by the campground owners that the river is in no danger of overflowing the banks enough to reach our campsite. Guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed on that one!

A river view from the front door of THE POD

WEDNESDAY - Tropical Storm Isaias didn't live up to the warnings that where sent out up here in our area. It seems that New Jersey and Delaware took the worst the storm had to give and by the time it reached us in southwestern New Hampshire it was little more than a bad thunderstorm.

We do have two branches, big twigs actually, on the roof of THE POD that will have to be removed before we hit the highway on Friday. Our winds and rain started around 7PM and was all but gone by midnight. We did however record our highest wind to date with our personal weather station with a 25MPH gust around 9PM. The rain was a complete non-factor in our area with the river behind our campsite rising only a few inches.

This morning we saw on the AccuWeather website there are over 1.2 million people in New Jersey without electricity and another 69,000 without power in New Hampshire, we're fortunate to not be one of them. I suspect most of the affected New Hampshire residents are along the eastern coastline, nearer to Maine.

Our hopes are that anyone reading this post was not too severely affected by the storm! If you care to share your experiences, please do so in the newly opened Facebook Group comments section.

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