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YEAR #3 - STOP #36

For the first 25 miles of today's route we traveled due south on Route 9J until we were just outside of the town of Columbiaville, NY. From there we merged onto the more highly traveled Route 9 until we were outside of Hudson, NY where our travel direction finally shifted to a more southeasterly direction toward Connecticut on Route 82.

Sure we could have taken a quicker route using the Interstate Highways but then we would have missed seeing all the quaint little towns along the way. Most of these smaller towns have their Police and Fires Stations, Town Halls and Libraries, General Stores and Liquor Stores all on one street, usually renamed Main Street as it passes through town, and we got to see them all. It sure beats watching the mile marker signs go by on the Interstates.

A short two hours later and we had arrived at our new home inside Housatonic Meadows State Park in northeast Connecticut.

FRIDAY - Last week we were camped near the Hudson River in New York and this weekend we are camped on the Housatonic River in Connecticut. We can't see the water from our campsite, but we can sure hear the water as it cascades over and around the small boulders and shallow rapids. At night the sound is very soothing and makes for a peaceful night's sleep.

Our spacious Campsite #40 here at Housatonic Meadows State Park, CT

The reason you can't see the water from our campsite is twofold. There is very dense tree coverage and the water level is 30-foot down a 45° embankment at the back of our site. But we risked life and limb to climb down at take this photo for you all.

The river as seen from behind our campsite

SATURDAY - When we arrived here Thursday afternoon I would have estimated the campground to be about 10% full. By Friday evening that estimate would have climbed to about 75% full and by Saturday morning it was up to 90%.

As the head count went up, the cell phone signal went down. All day Friday we managed to receive a usable cell signal at our campsite, using our built-in WeBoost 4GX booster paired with our antennae 20 feet high in the air. But today with all the extra people (i.e. cell phones, tablets and laptops) competing for same signal we were out of luck. Tricia has work that is due out by the end of today so what did we do?

We packed up our electronic gear and loaded it all into ROVER. We then moved to the other side of the campground where they have four rental cabins and only a few tent campsites. The cabins are currently not being rented due to COVID-19 precautions so they are going unused. As usual the higher priced cabins have the best view in the entire campground and we simply moved our office from THE POD to the backyard of one of the empty cabins.

We set up our small aluminum table with two of our comfortable rocking camp chairs. We placed on the table our laptops, cell phones, WiFi and battery jump starter to power our portable cell booster. There was enough space on the chair pockets and arm rests to make our drinks and snacks accessible.

Our Saturday office view.

But if you have to work on a Saturday, this is not a bad place to be! Our course we did have to deal with a few pesky ants and flies during the day. Then when we pulled out our snack crackers for lunch we had a couple of chipmunks eyeballing us. I guess they were just waiting for us to drop something on the ground. Some people still insist on feeding the wildlife, we never do, intentionally that is!

Later in the afternoon we were even treated to a slow moving train going by on the opposite bank of the river.

Three big engines and only three cargo cars?

SUNDAY - The following is a warning to all those who have been "sheltering in place" for the last few months. Cabin fever, going stir crazy, call it what you want, this could happen to you if you don't get outdoors and breathe some fresh air every once in a while. We received this text message from Tricia's aunt and uncle who we plan on visiting for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.

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