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Our Location:
Lafayette Place Campground in Franconia Notch State Park
Franconia, NH

Now that we have all of our hiking done for the day it's time to let ROVER do some of the work! Mount Washington is the tallest mountain in the northeastern United States at 6288 feet. While it's not even in the "Top Ten" if we start talking about anything east of the Mississippi River it's still a quite a sight.

The drive up the mountain was a little scary, but we took our time and didn't let the little sports cars and motorcycles behind us make us rush. When ever we had a chance we'd pull over and let them all pass. The drive back down was a whole different experience!


Waiting in line to start the drive we read the sign on the right. Can you read it?
Maybe this will help. We saw a couple of cars make a U-Turn after reading this.
In mid-July there was still a large patch of snow on the mountain.
We start the seven mile climb around and up the mountain.
Yep, they were right! No guardrails!
No guardrails here either.
A look back at the road we've climbed so far
Two way traffic, people going up have the right of way because we're the one's on the edge!
We are getting near the top.
These pullouts are for going back down and having a chance to pull over and cool down your brakes!
Our view from the parking lot at the summit.
Hey look, here comes a cog train.
It's 20 degrees cooler at the summit than it is at the base.
Part of the weather observatory on the summit.
The distant view on a pretty clear day.
That bald spot in the middle of the shot is the parking lot where the Auto Road starts.
The Mount Washington summit marker.
The Tip Top House hostel located on the summit.
More of the weather observatory.
Chains are used to hold down the building during the fierce winter winds.
More of the observatory equipment.
Looking at the road going back down.
Time for ROVER to take us safely home.


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