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Palmyra Golf Course and Campground was the perfect weekend getaway that we were looking for. We don't usually stay in privately owned parks because they are more often than not expensive. That's not the case here, the pricing is right in line with what we have been paying in the New England State Parks for the last two months.

Rick is the owner/operator/constructor of this pleasant park. It took him 8 years to personally construct his 18-hole golf course complete with clubhouse and another 3 years to construct the 85-site campground. In the summer he runs the campground operations, like the office duties, mowing the wide open areas around the pool and playground, daily trash pickup right at your site and I'm sure others that I didn't witness him performing.

We wouldn't hesitate to stay here again!


YEAR #2 - STOP #40

This weekend is all about nothing! Tricia's work is done, the blog is all caught up, plus there isn't much to see where we are, so it's time to relax and enjoy some down time.

We do have a few of the usual errands to run, groceries, gas and laundry, but we have all weekend to get it done. With electric and water on our site for the first time in three weeks we may even turn on the A/C this weekend because the daytime temperatures are in the low 80s.

One other point of interest about our stay here is this is the northernmost campground we will be staying in this year. After we leave here everything will be south and west of this location.

Our heavily wooded and private back yard view for the weekend.

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