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TRAVEL DAY - 86.7 miles


Exiting Shenandoah National Park and entering The Blue Ridge Parkway

Shortly after leaving the campground today THE POD will have traversed the entire 105 miles of Skyline Drive located in Shenandoah National Park. We started in Front Royal at the north entrance station back on September 6th and today we will exit at the Rockfish Gap south entrance station on September 20th. We took two full weeks to travel the distance, but I guess if you wanted to you could drive the whole thing in just three hours, after all there is a 35MPH speed limit on the entire drive.

We stayed in three out of the four National Park campgrounds located on Skyline Drive. We missed staying at Lewis Mountain Campground when we got kicked out of the park. They closed because of the threat Hurricane Florence posed to the safety of anyone left in the park. By far our favorite campground was Loft Mountain, the last site we stayed in. We had an awesome view from our campsite, but we also had cell phone signal (on our site) and there were pay showers located at the entrance to the campground. It was the first time I felt like we were leaving a campsite too soon. The day we left the weather was beautiful and outdoor activities were once again possible.

But we have a schedule to keep, with all of our campsite reservations ahead of us. I'm so used to having a guaranteed site waiting for me when I arrive at a new location, it's a hard habit to break, but I'm going to work on that next spring.

Anyway enough talking, I know you all only come here to see the pictures, so here they are!

Until next time

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