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TRAVEL DAY - 81.3 miles


Another relatively short move between campgrounds

While staying here at Peaks of Otter Campground we didn't get out much to do any sightseeing. With no cell phone signal inside the campground we had to travel 12 miles down into the valley to the town of Bedford, VA to get any work done. Tricia is just finishing up her work for the month and it gave me a chance to get caught up on this blog. We found a very comfortable place to work inside the public library. Free electricity, free air conditioning and a free table for two, what more could we ask for. We spent two of our three days at the library and on the third day it rained and was very foggy.

It's too bad because we really wanted to take the bus tour up to the summit of Sharp Top Mountain. It is a bald mountain which means it has no trees at the peak, only rocks, not unique but most of the nearby mountains are not bald. The campground is at the base of Sharp Top Mountain. With the weather being less than desirable we opted to go to the visitor center just across the parkway and check out the small exhibit they have inside.

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