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Otter Lake, VA
Blue Ridge Parkway - MP 63.1

Today we are exploring the Otter Lake Loop Trail. It was supposed to be a 45 minute trail but we took nearly 1:45 because we stopped many times to enjoy our surroundings and to take all these beautiful pictures to share with you! ENJOY!

This shouldn't be too bad! It's only .9 miles long.
Otter Creek just before it reaches Otter Lake
An easy way to cross over the creek to access the backside of the lake
A far away view of ROVER from the other side of the lake
A make shift foot bridge over a smaller creek that feeds into the lake
I've never seen this much lichen before
A view of the fishing pier
We are getting closer to the finish
A view of Otter Falls from above
A shallow cave behind the big boulder
A last view from above Otter Lake
Time to get back down to creek level below the falls
Our final water crossing to get back to where we started

Until next time

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