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WEDNESDAY - What do you do when you leave your campsite a day early and your next reservation is two days away?

Well if you're TWO PEAS AND THE POD you begin by searching for a Walmart Supercenter somewhere along the route to your next destination. There is almost always one available! Such is the case today.

In the town of Ashland, WI (pop. 7918), right on the shoreline of Chequamegon Bay, part of Lake Superior, is where we are spending a FREE overnight.

As I always do when planning to spend the night at a Walmart, I go into the store and up to the Customer Service desk and ask, "Do you allow single overnight RV parking in your lot?" The answer I recieve is almost always YES.

The next thing I ask is if there is some place in particular they would like for me to park? The answers vary, but the common theme is to park in the far corners of the lot and not take up parking spots close to the entrances.

Don't let signs like this send you down the road looking for somewhere else to overnight. EVERY Walmart has some variation of this sign posted all over their parking lot. Just be polite and go inside and ask!

Just a few more tips on overnight parking at Walmart:
A.) The smaller the town the more likely the answer will be YES.
B.) If the town has two Walmarts, always select the one on the "outskirts" of town.
C.) After you get the OK, appear like you're parking, not camping.

In other words, don't put down your stabilizers, don't bring out your slides and/or awnings, don't set up outside chairs and a BBQ or propane firepit. All of these things we have witnessed in Walmart parking lots. It's just one more reason for the answer to be NO the next time someone else asks.

Two more quick thoughts about overnighting at Walmart:
1.) Don't unhitch your trailer and leave it unattended at Walmart to go out for the day and do some sightseeing.
2.) Overnighting at Walmart is a ONE NIGHT ONLY agreement between you and the store. Need another night, find another store!

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