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THURSDAY - You won't be seeing any travel day photos from us today.

We only moved 37-miles down MN-1 and into the Superior National Forest. The South Kawishiwi River Campground is one of only three campgrounds in this entire National Forest that have electrical service at the campsites.

We could have gone without the electrical service, but the temperatures have been getting into the lower 80°Fs the past few days and we did run our A/C twice this week.

FRIDAY - We've got nothing much planned for this weekend, other than getting some R&R before we move onto our next campsite on the edge of Lake Superior. After all, that's what this summer is all about, The Great Lakes!

Each of our campsites over the next ten weeks will be within a short distance of one of the Great Lakes as we pass through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Then we'll take a little breather before we finish up our Great Lakes Tour in western New York during mid-September.

While I slept in today, Tricia got up at the crack of dawn and took her morning walk down to the boat ramp here in the campground. The ramp gives easy access to go fishing for walleye, northern pike, small mouth bass, bluegill and crappie all along the Kawishiwi River.

There's even a small swim beach down in the day use area, not far from the boat ramp.

SATURDAY - After breakfast yesterday we pretty much did nothing that required us to leave THE POD.

So today we're both suffering from a mild case of "cabin fever" and decided to head 11½-miles into town for lunch. We left early enough to be able to drive just passed town to check out one of the other campgrounds here in the Superior National Forest.

Fall Lake Campground is one of the other two campgrounds here in the forest that has electical hookups on the campsites.

While the Fall Lake Campground is nicer with paved roads and showers, something we don't have here at South Kawishiwi River Campground, very few of their campsites offer lakeviews as nice as we have right here on our site.

You can't have everything! I guess there's always a tradeoff when trying to decide where to camp.

We did spot a decent laundromat in town, so guess what we'll be doing tomorrow?

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