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TUESDAY - Last night around 7:00PM we finally got the bad weather that had been threatening to ruin our eclipse viewing.

All it really ruined was our gathering for a campfire, it's the only night out of our seven nights here that there was no campfire.

First it was strong winds, then heavy rain, followed by about ten minutes of marble-sized hail pelting ROVER and THE POD.

Fortunately we had a lot of tree coverage on our site and no damage was done. No one else in our group had any damage either.

Then just as quickly as it started it was all over with.

This morning we had a forecast for more bad weather starting around 9:00AM. So by 7:30AM we were on the road heading northwest as the storm was coming in and heading northeast.

We just managed to get out in front of the storm and stay safe, but the timing did put us driving through Fort Worth during the morning rush hour.

Never a fun place to be when towing your home behind you!

With only 115-miles to our destination for today it wasn't long before we were off the highway and driving the final few miles to our camping spot.

We had a couple of miles of tree lined forest roads before arriving at the trailhead.

When we arrived we found out we had the place all to ourselves.

This meant I could do a little creative parking...

...leaving the back end of THE POD out in what little sunshine we had.

Nearby our campsite we have another "Field of Flowers".

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