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TUESDAY - Today we definitely took the road less traveled.

For the 25-miles between the towns of Tahlequah and Kansas, OK we chose OK-10 Scenic Route. At the beginning of the this section there were elecronic signs warning of road work being done at the Hanging Rock Camp.

The roadwork at Hanging Rock must involve sweeping rocks off the roadway each morning.

This section closely follows the path of the Illinois River where you'll find numerous camps and outfitters offering rafting, kayaking and guided float trips on the river.

Most of the other 140-miles we drove today involved going up and down through valleys of farmland and ranchland where we didn't encounter too much traffic at all.

At the end of today's route we found ourselves in a familiar setting for our final night in Oklahoma. That's right, a Walmart Supercenter parking lot. This one is in Grove, OK and is less than 10-miles from the Oklahoma/Missouri border, a border we have not previuosly crossed.

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