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Well, we are two weeks deeper into our month long visit with Tricia's brother in Marble Falls, TX.

Most days are filled with doing odd trips to the grocery store and going out to eat. Throw in a few trips to the hardware store to get supplies for a few ongoing projects and we've managed to stay quite busy.

Weekends are filled with visits to Jim's high school friends, Chris and Jesse from Cape Cod, who now lives here on 9-acres at the top of one of the rolling hills outside of Marble Falls. It's conveniently only about 3-miles from the RV park we're staying in.

One day was filled with helping clear brush from the area immediately around their home. The previous owner had not maintained the property very well and now there's a lot of work to get it back into shape.

SATURDAY - Tonight we are all going out to dinner in Johnson City, TX which is located 23-miles south of Marble Falls on US-281.

When I say we, I'm talking about Jim, Tricia and I plus Chris and his wife Jesse, along with their two children and their respective boyfriends and girlfriends, plus an additional out of town visitor. All together we had a party of ten when looking for a restaurant to have dinner. Several places said it would be a two or more hour wait, even if we split into two or more tables. So we eventually ended up having dinner outdoors on the side patio of the first restaurant where we tried to be seated indoors.

The food outside was the same food offered indoors. We had a very limited menu to choose from, but it was immediate seating!

Today Johnson City is a just under two square miles in size with a population of just over 2,000 people. Like we've seen in most older small towns around the country, if you find the center of town, you'll find city hall and most of the other municipal buildings like the police department, fire department and such.

Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, was born and raised here, spent his retirement here, and is buried on his ranch here, but if you think the town is named after him you'd be incorrect.

The town was founded in 1879, a full 29 years before LBJ was even born. It is actually named after James P. Johnson (LBJ’s father’s cousin), so you had the right family, just the wrong generation.

After eating dinner we spent some time walking around checking out all of the holiday lights.

This is the appropriately named City Park all lit up.

The Blanco County Couthouse was well decorated too.

Not to be out shined The Pecan Street Brewing Company put up a few lights...

...as did The Pearl Bed and Breakfast.

Nearly all of the businesses downtown had decorated for the season.

For a small fee you could even ride in a horse drawn carraige to explore around downtown.

Several blocks from the couthouse was the real show stopper.

The Pedernales Electric Cooperative had enough lights to make it seem like daytime.

If you didn't feel like walking the several blocks to get here from City Hall
there were several of these alternative transportation options available.

We've got just two more days here before we get back on the road
and back to regular blogposting, so stay tuned.

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