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I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but today we were on the road by 9:30AM and traveled another 150-miles west on Interstate-10 into New Mexico.

That distance is about halfway to our real destination and will finally explain why we're headed so far west when earlier I told you we'll be exploring The Great Lakes region this summer.

About 100-miles into our route today we exited the Interstate in the town of Demming, NM to hit up a Walmart for some grocery items and 6-gallons of drinking water.

On our way out of the parking lot we had a near collision with a small sports car that came out of nowhere as I was concentrating on maneuvering around all the other obstacles in the parking lot, such as light poles, shopping cart corrals, stationery vehicles, and numerous curbs around the trees and planter beds.

So as I momentarily took my attention away from where I was going to make sure THE POD was following behind us in an obstacle free path the sport car and I came within two feet of a collision. I guess it would have been my fault, but how about yielding a little consideration to the old guy driving the bigger (by far) vehicle in tight quarters.

Thankfully I was only going forward at about 2MPH making a tight turn to the left when the car came at us from the right.

That's the reason I avoid driving in busy parking lots with THE POD in tow!

When reentering the Interstate we snapped this photo of the embankment of the overpass.

This one looks to be artwork by someone who was hired by the city to paint all four corners of this intersection, unlike the Texas overpass in the previous post that was out in the middle of nowhere.

About 60-miles further down the Interstate we exited at the town of Lordsburg and headed south about a mile to the ourskirts of town where Veterans Park is located.

THE POD easily fit under the entrance gate, but taller Class A Motorhomes may struggle.

The front gate of the park is heavily guarded with a tank.

If there is an air attack, we're also prepared with this heavy artillery.

As you can see we're not the only Airstream spending the night.

Veterans Park is a FREE overnight place to park. It's not all that pretty, but there's a dumpster near the gate for your trash and we've had a local police cruiser come through the park to make sure everyone is behaving.

There are water spigots all over the park that appear to be used to irrigate the trees in the park, but I don't know if the water is safe to drink.

Tommorrow we're back on the Interstate for another 100+ miles of westward travel,
but we'll finally arrive at the reason for all this misdirected travel.

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