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This morning at 9:00AM we bid farewell to Tricia's brother, Jim, and once again began our travels by towing THE POD across the Texas Hill Country.

After traveling south on US-281 for 30-miles we reached the town of Johnson City where we made a westerly turn onto US-290. Following US-290 West we must have traveled past 30-40 wineries, each with their own vineyard and tasting room. Then we were led through the downtown area of Fredericksburg, a town known for their rich German heritage and wines.

It wasn't long before US-290 appears to dead end at Interstate-10, forcing you to chose either east or west to continue. The truth of the matter is that for several hundred miles to the west of this intersection US-290 is still there, it's just been paved over and turned into Interstate-10.

We traveled nearly 150-miles east on the Interstate before we saw the sign we were looking for, it read Exit 343 - Fort Lancaster Scenic Loop (aka Sheffield Loop).

We traveled the first 9-miles of The Scenic Loop and didn't see much of anything that even came close to being labeled as scenic. Then, just when we reached our FREE overnight destination spot, the scenery changed.

From this angle our FREE camping spot doesn't look like much.

But, if you walk around to the other side you'll see what we see out our back windows.

That's the town of Sheffield and the Pecos River Valley nearly 500' down below us.

Tomorrow when we leave here we'll take the road down through town of Sheffield
and complete the 20-mile Scenic Loop before returning to Interstate-10
for another 115-miles of westerly travel across Texas.

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