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Hey folks! We finally made it to our 47th new state, Wyoming, and our first new state of 2023.

Upon first entering Wyoming it didn't look all that different from northern Utah. There were still the mountains and valleys with the slow winding roads.

Then things changed for the worse! We saw a sign on the side of the road warning that there was loose gravel for the next 20-miles. The next sign warned that you could save your windshield from damage by traveling at less than 30MPH. That only works if the trucks coming in the other direction are also going 30MPH, but the "official" speed limit is 55MPH on this road, so I've got no right to complain, c'est la vie.

Sure enough, 10-miles down the road a rock thrown by a truck going the opposite direction hit our windshield on the passenger side and we now have a second "tiny ¾" crack" to match the one we received in Tennessee back in September of 2021.

A few miles later we found out why there is so much gravel on the roadway. After waiting over 30-minutes for our Pilot Car to arrive from the opposite direction, we slowly rolled over the rise in the road and past the crew working to "repair" the roadway up ahead.

Our Pilot Car has arrived! As usual, we were the first vehicle waiting in line.

First we saw the equipment that was rolling back and forth over the new gravel bed.

Next we saw the equipment that was "tearing up" the old roadbed to put down fresh gravel.

I'll never understand why they have to "block off" over 5-miles of roadway with flagmen
just to "work" on a quarter mile section.

Probably the same reason they needed to have 6 men "watching"
the 6 men that were "working" on the road.

Oops! Guess ROVER isn't the only one running a little hot today!

Eventually we made it to the city water treatment plant where they have a FREE dump station just for RVers, thank you Rock Springs. After that we made our way over to where we are going to spend the night.

As you can see from the photo above, we won't be having a very glamorous first night in Wyoming. However I'll let you all in on a little secret, we'll be here in the state for another 39 nights. Spending most of that time in some very popular parks that you all have heard of before.

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