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A few days ago, just after arriving at Grand Canyon National Park, we had what some might call a little travel day mishap.

We had just cleared the entrance station of the park and were discussing how much snow there was on the sides of the roadway...

...when I spotted several elk in the woods just beyond the snow bank.

While I was driving past and watching the elk grazing in the woods, a younger elk jumped the snowbank and stumbled into the roadway just 20-yards in front of us. Luckily we were doing the speed limit of just 45MPH so I was able to make a quick swerve to avoid hitting the young elk.

Tricia and I were unharmed in the encounter, heck even ROVER and the young elk were unharmed, but THE POD didn't fair as well.

When I made the emergency maneuver to miss hitting the elk THE POD was whipped up onto the snowbank off the side of the road. I could feel the stabilizer bars trying desperately to keep THE POD upright, but the snowbank was too slippery and soon THE POD was rolling over onto its side.

Fortunately for us two in the truck, when THE POD rolled over it broke free of the hitch ball and the safety chains, before rolling over the snow bank and then plummeting 150' feet down into the trees where it ended upright on what was left of its wheels.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may remember we had a similiar mishap this same time last year. Why do these kind of things happen to us right around the beginning of April?

Last year they were able to repair THE POD to make it look almost like new, this time I'm not sure what they'll be able to do to make it right again!

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