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We've spent our last night in Arizona, until we return just before Thanksgiving.

Most of todays driving was also in Arizona, all but the last 15-miles which were in Utah. We'll be visiting this state until mid-June when we cross a new state border into Wyoming.

Over the next two months in Utah we've got 5 National Parks and 4 State Parks we intend to visit. All nine of these stops should be considered World Class destinations.

A final look at the array of colors in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

A short distance down the road we saw this house built under a rock?

We drove through the Kaibab National Forest and reached an elevation just short of 8000'.

Exiting the National Forest we were treated to this distant view of the mountains in Utah.

12-miles after leaving Highway 89 we finally got our first glimpse of the Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

Our site is huge with a nice shade tree. It will keep us cool, but isn't good for our solar panels.

SUNDAY - Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is one of the National Geographic's "Top Five" Utah State Parks.

A majority of the campers here at the park are ATV enthusiasts and the 7-miles of sand dunes make for a perfect setting to ride up, down and over the designated trails.

We arrived here yesterday on a Saturday afternoon, when the two campgrounds were both full to capacity and "buzzing with activity" as the ATVs traversed the campground roads to access the dune trails.

Now with it being after check-out time on a Sunday these same two campgrounds are literally ghost towns. Out of the 34 campsites here only 10 are now occupied, and only 4 of those have ATVs on site.

We either waited too long to get photos of the ATV riders out on the dunes, or we timed it just right depending on how you look at things.

"Coral Pink" Sand Dunes? I don't think so, not if you compare to the paint swatch I found.

Can you see the pedestrian path leading out into the dunes for the sand sledders?

Lots of people have ventured out onto the dunes now that the ATV'ers have gone.

Watch the "tandem" sledders in action!
They didn't make it as far down the hill as the "solo" sledder that went before them.
HINT: Click on the Full Screen box on the far right below the video.

Now that we've had a couple of days to recover from our hike out to "The Wave",
let's go visit with our friends Katherine and John
who have been awaiting our arrival at our next stop since Friday.

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