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THURSDAY - We are finally settling back into our 3,4 or 7-day visitation schedule of moving only on Mondays or Thursdays. It's just what we've found works best for us.

Today's move was not so typical in other regards. We originally thought we could keep all our moving days to somewhere between 100-150 miles.

Today however we're moving 250+ miles over into the state of Oregon to spend a 4-day weekend at the Farewell Bend State Park.

A small herd of the "bon voyage committee members" showed up to wish us well.

Even "these turkeys" tried to stop us from leaving by blocking the road.

We sadly then said farewell to our "deer friend".

Once we arrived back down in the town of Orofino we starting heading southeast on US-12. For the first 23-miles we traveled with the Clearwater River on our left, making it difficult for Tricia to take any photos without shooting it through the windshield.

Idaho has some stunning views along the Clearwater River.

Someone was out enjoying their day on the water.

Then in the town of Kamiah, ID we crossed over the river, which now put it on the right hand passenger side and she started making up for lost time by taking several dozen photos over the next 5-miles.

More stunning roadside views of the Clearwater River.

Then in the town of Kooskia we crossed over the Clearwater River for the last time and left it and US-12 behind.

We were now headed southwest on ID-13 and following along the banks of the South Fork of the Clearwater River, fortunately on the passenger side of the road for most of the time.

In the larger town of Grangeville we turned south and began our travels on US-95, the road we would spend most the rest of the day traveling upon.

I wonder if the tractor driver got dizzy harvesting this field?

Not all the bales end up being round in shape.

Not another long downhill grade! There must be a town down there somewhere.

Still going down and watching the transmission temperature closely.
Fortunately the brakes are still feeling solid and I don't smell them burning.

The fall colors are starting to pop up all around us again.

This was a different looking mountain side we passed by today.

We traveled south on US-95 for a total of 156-miles until we reached to town of Weiser, ID. We made a right hand turn, crossed over the Snake River and entered Oregon. At this point we were only 19-miles from our final destination of Farewell Bend State Recreation Area.

We are traveling north on OR-201 in Oregon
and the train on the other side of the Snake River is traveling south in Idaho.

A short section of OR-201 up ahead appears to have recieved a recent "facelift".

Just a short time later we found ourselves a back-in site with a view and proceeded to get comfortable enjoying our new home.

Campsite #76 in the Brownlee Loop of Farewell Bend State Recreation Area.

Another campsite with a water view.

The boat ramp that accesses the Snake River is right behind our site.

A little while later we had a small bevy of California Quail visit the back of our campsite. They are very skittish and apparently also camera-shy. Tricia had to zoom way in to take these photos after a few failed attempts.

FRIDAY - Last week when we first arrived back in the Lower 48 I began making plans to get ROVER's oil changed ASAP. The last time I had an oil change was back in mid-JULY while we were in Wasilla, AK. I was 2,000 miles late in getting that one done and now I'm 3,000 miles late getting this one done. I'm losing ground!

There is a small Ford Dealership back in Weiser, ID that had an appointment opening for me and I grabbed it up. At the time I didn't realize that we were traveling in the Pacific Time Zone and they were located in the Mountain Time Zone. The result is a I basically have a 7:00AM appointment and not the 8:00AM one my body is currently functioning in.

So at 6:00AM my alarm was set to ring, becuase we're in Oregon and Pacific Time Zone, but I was up at 5:30AM and didn't unnecessarily wake Tricia up with an alarm going off. No, I woke her up when I tried to sneak out of bed, SORRY!

I left THE POD and Tricia behind at 6:15AM and headed the 18-miles back into Idaho for my appointemnt, without eating anything for breakfast I might add. Luckily I remembered passing by a McDonald's on the way through town yesterday, so I left early enough to make a trip through their drive-thru.

With the oil changed and tires rotated we are good to proceed on our way! I even asked them to do a brake inspection while they had the tires off and everything checked out fine.

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