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STOP #251

Today's travels have us arriving at St. George Island State Park in Eastpoint, FL. Neither one us us have ever visited this particular Florida State Park. But after tonight it will be the 50th Florida State Parks where one or both of us have spent the night camping. There are only 5 other Florida State Parks that have RV camping that we still need to visit.

St. George Island State Park is very similar to the other 6 Florida panhandle state parks in that it contains miles of unspoiled and undeveloped beachfront property. We're sure glad the State was able to aquire all the properties to protect them and give the general public a place to visit the white sand beaches of the panhandle.

The campground here is on the bayside of the island so there are no direct Gulf of Mexico views from the sites, but just a short walk over the sand dunes and entrance drive you'll find 10 miles of secluded beaches.

Accessing the beach just before sunrise.

Sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.

The high sand dunes between the shoreline and the campground help protect it from storm surges of the frequent hurricanes.

However not all of the trees survived the latest batch of hurricanes.


Some of you may be wondering what it's like to celebrate the hoildays on the road, away from family and friends.

Well just because we no longer have a traditional house or a yard to decorate doesn't mean we are missing out on all that fun. Tricia does a very good job at maintaining a festive holiday vibe inside THE POD. She has window clings and small decorations dislayed everywhere you look from the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the front door, to the kitchen and into the dining room.

Granted, you can see pretty much everything from standing in the middle of the trailer and just spinning around 360°, but she decorates for all the seasons. We have sets of Red, White & Blue window clings for patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. We also have a set for autumn and Halloween time.

Rest assured we are not letting the holidays slip past unnoticed.

The kitchen and front door.

The daytime view over the bar and sofa.

The same view at night!

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