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STOP #250

After saying goodbye to our friends in Jacksonville we drove back over to Tallahassee to pick up THE POD from Master Applied Coatings.

When we both first saw the trailer under the fluorescent lights we both agreed the price we paid for the ceramic coating to protect the outer skin of THE POD was well worth it. If you overlook the few dings we've put in THE POD over the last three years it looks as good or better than new.

It was already early afternoon and we still had an hour or more drive to get to our campsite for the night. When we arrived we were the only ones there, other than the campground host. We got settled into our site just as the rain started coming down.

Campsite #15 at Wright Lake Campground.

No shade from the trees, but no sun for three days for our solar panels. 🙁

Wright Lake behind our campsite.

SUNDAY - It rained for most of last night and the forecast is for more of the same and colder temperatures for the next few days. There is a short break in the weather this afternoon so we are going to head out into town for a few groceries, some gasoline and a good meal.

We chose to eat at the Family Coastal Restaurant in Eastpoint, FL. They don't have a website or a Facebook Page, but they don't need one. The place was packed on this Sunday afternoon and the food was delicious, also fairly priced. It was obviously a locals, no frills, kind of place, but as outsiders we felt welcomed.

I ordered the Topped Grouper Fingers Plate, which was a healthy portion of fish, shrimp and scallops with a creamy and savory cheese sauce on top. It also came with two sides and a pair of hushpuppies. Tricia had the Grouper Fingers Meal with a pair of hushpuppies, onion rings and the salad bar. We both ended up skipping dinner later that day.

Before we head back to the campground we're going to each download several new books from Kindle Unlimited and get ready to just chill out for a few days. There is no cell signal at the campground and no electricity, so we're going to have to bundle up to stay warm. The nights are going to be in the mid-40s and the daytime highs are only going to be in the upper 50s.

I don't know about Tricia, but I read four books during the three days we were here!

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