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STOP #249

This morning we were awake early and off the campsite before 7:30AM so that we could arrive at Master Applied Coatings where we are getting THE POD ceramic coated. This protectant should make the trailer much easier to keep clean and help protect the exterior against the harsh enviroments we travel through. We knew this was going to be important as we plan our Alaskan Adventure for next summer.

With big garage doors in the side of the building you're conveniently able to drive your trailer all the way indoors before unhitching, then exit through another bay door at the corner of the building. With 20,000 square feet under roof there is plenty of room.

This location only opened last month and as you can see the future customer lounge area is still in the planning stages. That piece of equipment on the left is used to maneuver the trailers around inside the building.

THE POD is front and center awaiting his turn for a few coats of ceramic protectant.

TUESDAY - After dropping off THE POD in Tallahassee we made our way over to Jacksonville to visit friends and prepare ROVER to make the trip to Alaska. New front and rear shocks, plus better brake pads and rotors all around is about all it needs. We've already purchased new tires for both THE POD and ROVER so after this visit we should be all good to go.

With all this preparation nothing could possibly go wrong, right? We'll just have to wait and see.

Just before we arrived in Jacksonville yesterday we got a phone call from out of the blue from another friend we used to camp with back in South Florida. She is a flight attendant for American Airlines and as luck would have it she had an overnight layover in Jacksonville the next day so we made plans to "meetup", go to dinner and then check out the Illuminating Nature Event being held at the Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens in downtown Jacksonville.

Before the museum we all ate a delicious dinner at the Mossfire Grill located just around the corner. We each selected a different Southwestern Cuisine menu item for our entrée, but we all agreed on desert and shared a slice of their Red Velvet Cake as recommended by our server.

The museum is located right on the St. Johns River, just south of where I-95 crosses the river and where you will also find the Eastern Terminus of the 2,460 mile long I-10. The Western Terminus is located near the Pacific Coast in Santa Monica, California.

One of a dozen or so infatable illuminaries located in the gardens along the river.

Imagine how beautiful the gardens appear in the springtime when all the flowers are in bloom.

This majectic oak tree dominated the back yard of the museum.

For those of you that don't know, that's Melissa, our flight attendant friend in the front yard of the museum, who was dancing around acting just a little "flighty".

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