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STOP #248

We had plans to stay on our site until noon today before moving the short distance to our new site. But around 11:00AM the power went out in the campground and we called ahead to find out our next site was empty the night before and we could arrive earlier than the normal 4:00PM check-in time.

Finally something is going our way! We had no problems getting set up in our new site and had plenty of time before sunset to enjoy sitting around outside. Just before sunset our camping neighbor came outside with a large telephoto lens on her camera and started taking photos of the impressive sunset taking place over Lake Seminole.

On the opposite bank from where we are camped here in the Eastbank Campground in Georgia is the Three Rivers State Park in Florida, where we visited back in January this year.

You remember when we had all kinds of problems with keeping the correct time on our cell phones, due to the fact that the Eastern and Central Time Zone line goes right down the center of the lake. This time we were prepared and maunally set the time zone on our phones instead of letting them auto detect the time based on the GPS coordinates of which cell phone tower they were connecting through.

Campsite #26 here at the Army Corp of Engineers Eastbank Campground in Bainbridge, GA.

Enjoying the sunset on our first night here.

THURSDAY - Whenever were are camped in an Army Corp of Engineers Park there is almost always the guarantee of being nearby water. Also there is a good chance of there being a hydroelectric dam nearby and this place is no different.

What is different about this dam is when you drive across it you leave Georgia and enter into Florida about halfway across it. We didn't know that until we found out on our way to lunch back over in Florida at Johnny Mac's Sandwich Shop.

The front end of ROVER in this photo is in Florida...

...and the back end is in Georgia. Which means we are parked on the Florida Georgia Line!

If you look real close you can see THE POD dead center in it's campsite from the same location.

SATURDAY - Today there is a vintage camper group over at the Three Rivers State Park on the other side of Lake Seminole. For just a $3 park entry fee we decided it might be fun to go check them out.

There were only six vintage campers there but we got a photo of each to share with you all here. I won't even try to identify the make, model and year of each trailer, but they were all probably from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

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