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STOP #244

After a short 30 mile travel day we were all set up in our new campsite at Marathon Lake in the Bienville National Forest in Mississippi. You may recall that our last visit to a forest service campsite didn't go to well for us. Turns our this time didn't either.

Tricia mentioned that she heard an odd sound coming from the tires when we were backing into our last campsite at Roosevelt State Park. She heard it again today while I was backing into our spot, so I decided I'd better take another look.

It's hard to see in this photo, but trust me, It Ain't Right!

What we found was that one of the trailer's passenger side tires is a full inch out of alignment with the other tire on the same side. I suspect we bent one of our axles when plowing through the mud holes in the last forest we visited.

I made a quick phone call to the nearest Airstream Dealership, which we happen to have been at twice before for service, and was able to secure an appointment for tommorow morning for them to at least take a look at it. If any parts will be needed for the repair we have to get them ordered ASAP because big items like a new axle could take 6-8 weeks to arrive.

We have already towed THE POD 160+ miles without feeling anything wrong while going down the highway. Let's hope we have another 150+ miles of no issues, because that's how far we have to travel to get to the Airstream Dealership in Biloxi, MS tomorrow.

Campsite #15 here at Marathon Lake Campground

It had large lakefront views.

It was very difficult to decide to leave after just one night.

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