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STOP #246

We made it out of the repair shop by 3:00PM and were traveling east on Interstate 10 before 3:05PM. Three and a half hours later we were 184 miles down the road and pulling into the Cracker Barrel parking lot where we intend to spend the night.

Around sunset we were approaching downtown Mobile Alabama and took this skyline photo just before we entered the 3000 foot long tunnel that passes 40 feet below Mobile Bay before emerging on the other side.

Once you emerge on the east side of the bay if you look over your right hand shoulder you'll catch a glimpse of the decommisioned battleship U.S.S. Alabama. It has been in Mobile Bay since January of 1965 and is now a museum which can be toured by the public.

Here's a photo of Tricia I snapped as she was warming her hands and her backside in front of the crackling wood fire inside of Cracker Barrel. It was right after she placed her breakfast order with the waitress.

It was 35 degrees outside last night and we were running two small portable electric heaters off of our solar batteries just to keep it above 50 degrees inside of THE POD.

Even with two heaters and our refrigerator running all night we still had a 58% charge on our batteries when we woke up. Not bad considering there was no charging going on after the sun went down the day before.

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