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This Special Report is just to inform you all that we have arrived safe and sound at our destination.

The diagnosis of THE POD's issues are bleak. The axle is indeed bent and will need replacement. Additionally the tire has also sustained damage and will be replaced.

The Airstream Dealership gave us an estimate of a 6-8 week delivery window for a new axle. That just didn't work for us so we found a nearby Big Truck and Tire Service Center who assures us they can source a new axle in 3-4 weeks by "cutting out the middle man".

We have an appointment in Tallahassee, FL (6 hours from here) on December 13th (just 32 days from now) that we don't want to miss. So we're hoping it's closer to three weeks, instead of four, that our axle gets delivered. The tire shop has also assured me they can install it the day after it arrives, something the Airstream Dealership could not do.

So we sit and wait. There probably won't be any blog posts in the meantime so rest assured we are not missing, just stationary.

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