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STOP #243

Today was a much more reasonable 130+ mile travel day. First order of business was to secure a campsite for the next two nights. We called ahead to our next stop and were pleased to find out our campsite for the weekend was also available tonight and tomorrow. So we just extended our regular planned stop for two extra nights. That's one problem solved!

Waiting in line for our turn in the Blue Beacon Truck Wash.

Next was where to get all this mud off ROVER and THE POD. We were happy to find that one of our favorite truck washes was on our route today. The Blue Beacon Truck Wash outside of Jackson, MS did a first class job making the truck and trailer look almost new again and all for less than $50. Most campgrounds prohibit you from washing your own equipment in the campground, they don't want you making a mess of the driveway and also save on their water bill, we understand their point.

Once we were set up in our new campsite at Roosevelt State Park, voted the most beautiful state park in all of Mississippi, we drove around to check out the rest of the park.

There are two separate campgrounds in the park, plus a primitive camping area with all-set-up-and-ready-to-go tent sites. You can also find a dozen or more cabins and a group camping area. Almost all of the campsites in this park come with a view of the lake.

These tent sites are just waiting for someone to arrive and enjoy their stay.

A view from the front of Campsite #27 at Roosevelt State Park in Morton, Mississippi

A view of our picnic table, fire pit and grill.

Our view looking out our rear dinette window.

Directly behind our campsite a huge pine tree has fallen from the shoreline into the lake. It has now been repurposed into a sundeck by several dozen turtles. The larger turtles seem to prefer the trunk of the downed tree, while the smaller ones end up in the thinner branches.

Every once in a while a large heron will land on one of the upper branches and send the smaller turtles diving for the safety of the water, only to have to make the arduous climb back up onto the branches once the coast is finally clear.

The "Turtle Day Spa" located behind our site.

The view of ROVER and THE POD from the lakeshore.

FRIDAY - Today Tricia and I are celebrating our 10th Wedding Aniversary.

The traditional gift for this occasion is something made of aluminum. Well we've pretty much covered that already, seeing as how our home (THE POD) and our transportation (ROVER) are both primarily built using aluminum.

How did we spend our anniversary? Probably like most fulltime RVers. We woke up and ate a simple breakfast of oatmeal and cereal before walking the half mile campground loop road and stopping to say "Hello and more" to at least three other camping couples.

Then we took showers in the campground restrooms before heading into town to eat lunch at the town's only diner, Sam's Diner, located directly across the street from the town's only grocery store, Fairway Foods. Then we drove around the corner and did three weeks worth of laundry at the town's only laundromat, Keyway Super Sudz Coin Laundry.

NOT surprisingly, none of those three businesses have a website,
or a Facebook Page, but they do all appear on Google Maps.

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