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STOP #234

Today's moving day included our last new state border crossing for this year, and probably the first half of next year.

As promised in the last post we all took a river cruise today.

Here are a few photos of ROVER, THE POD and TWO PEAS crossing the Mississippi River between the states of Kentucky and Missouri. If you want to cross between the two states this is your only option, there are no bridges across the river.

Several hours later we arrived at the Riverside Campground of the Silver Mines Recreation Area in the Mark Twain National Forest. Finally a campsite we didn't struggle to back into!

TUESDAY - Today we decided to check out the other two campgrounds in this Recreation Area. Both are located on the other side of the river and you have to go back out on the highway to access them by car. There is a bridge over the river that once connected them all, but now it's a pedestrian only bridge.

The second and third photos are of the St. Francis River located directly behind our campsite.

Later in the day we loaded into ROVER and drove some thirty miles through the forest to arrive at what is considered one of the premiere state parks here in Missouri. There is no campground here, but they have a wonderful one mile trail that traverses through an old granite quarry.

Elephant Rocks State Park was on our list to visit two years ago when we passed through the area and we wanted to make sure we didn't miss it again this time around. We're glad we took the time to go visit!


Our 1-mile pathway through the rocks.
Piled up rocks from the quarry days.
This spot is called "Fat Man's squeeze".
The quarry site eventually filled with water.
The pathway leading up to the summit.
In the shadow of the large Elepahant Rocks.
In the sunshine the pink color really shows in the granite monoliths.
The view from the summit.
There are also some smaller rocks on the summit.

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