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STOP #230

Our longer than normal travel day started with a thirty mile backtrack to the town of Shelbyville, IN to the Goodyear Tire Store where we will receive five brand new "2121 dated" tires for THE POD. You can't get a fresher tire, these were manufactured just 15 weeks ago. Everything went well, we even received better quality metal valve stems and soon we were on our way to our destination.

We arrived at Tipsaw Recreation Area Campground in the Hoosier National Forest at around 5:00PM. We did our minimum setup here because we'll only be visiting for two nights and then make a very rare move on a Saturday over to the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois.

FRIDAY - We camped just up the road from here two years ago and visited four caverns. They were the Twin Caves, Bluespring Caverns, Squire Boone Caverns and Marengo Cave.

There are two other caverns in this same general area and today we visited one of the ones we missed last time, Indiana Caverns. The other unvisited cavern is located in a State Park and is still closed to the public for unknown reason.


We were thankful for the manmade entrance to the cave, otherwise it would have been a 170 foot crawl through a 30 inch wide opening in order to visit the cave. NO THANK YOU!
Doesn't this formation look like bacon? That's it's nickname, cave bacon!
From the top of the entrance this is the view of the cave.
Very near the entrance is this 40 foot tall waterfall.
It's close enough to the trail that you'll get misted if you pause too long to look.
A couple views of the decorated ceiling of the cave.
Indiana Caverns is known for all of the Ice Age Fossils that have been found in the cave.
The next two photos are of the most recent excavation in the cave back in 2011.
This is the skull of an Ice Age Bear found in the cave.
Here I am bringing up the rear of the tour. Only my photographer is behind me.
At the half way point in the tour there is a quarter mile round trip boat ride through the flooded cave section.
This is the turn around point of the boat ride.
Now back at the exit we get to climb all those strairs we came down at the beginning of the tour.
One last look back into Indiana Caverns.

You may notice this post is rather short winded, not like the last one which was very long winded with only a few photos.

That's because we have very little cell signal at the campsite (actually only just enough to get a text message out) and I'm writing this post while sitting in the public library in town.

Since Tricia is no longer working she has nothing much to do while here, so I'm basically holding her hostage while I create this post. I'll keep this post brief and make it up to you next time when we have better signal.

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