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STOP #231

Two very rare occurrences happened this morning for TWO PEAS AND THE POD. First, we are changing campsites on a Saturday and second, we don't have reservations at the campground we're headed for.

Normally this combination would be a recipie for disaster, but today we're feelin' lucky!

We are headed for the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois. There are eight established campgrounds in this National Forest (the only one in Illinois BTW) and only two of them have electrical hookups offered, the other six do not.

None of them offer reserved in advance campsites, so they are all First-Come-First-Serve. We are of course hoping for one of the sites with electricity because it comes at no extra charge. All sites are just $10 and seniors with a National Parks Pass get 50% off.

There are not many places where you get a campsite with electricity for only $5 a night. The reason it's so inexpensive is because there are no showers here. There is however a clean pit toilet and there is drinking water available at the campground entrance, just none on your site.

We arrived at the first of two campgrounds where we were willing to spend the weekend and found that there were only two of the thirteen electic campsites available. As I told you we felt lucky today and rolled the dice. If all thirteen sites would have been available we would have still selected the site we ended up with.

SUNDAY - By Sunday afternoon we had the entire campground to ourselves.

We drove down to the swimming beach at Pounds Hollow Recreation Area and there wasn't a soul in sight. It was kind of eerie with no one around.

I can just imagine what it was like yesterday when the sun was shining.

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