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STOP #233

I'd like to say our short 47 mile moving day went off without any drama, but it didn't!

The move itself went fine, but when we arrived at the next campground we again struggled to get into our site. This being a National Park Service property they seem very reluctant to alter the natural setting to accommodate human recreation.

We are all for that to an extent! These campgrounds were all built in the late 1960s and haven't been improved upon since then, with the exception of the bathhouses. The roads are very narrow and in disrepair, trees are left very close to the roads and sometimes encroach upon them and our ability to navigate through the campsites.

The campsites driveways are also narrow and in most cases very unlevel. There also seems to always be a tree exactly in the worst possible location to make backing into a site more challenging than it needs to be.

Now Tricia has told me several times lately that nobody wants to read about me always complaining. I don't look at it that way. I look at it as I'm trying to paint an accurate picture of what life on the road in an RV is truly like.

I realize these problems are not life threatening, nor career ending situations. I just want to make sure everyone realizes that RVing is not all rainbows and unicorns everyday, day in and day out. There are good days and bad just like real life.

With all that being said, I'm still glad we are here, in this campsite, and living the life we chose on the road. Multiple times a month we get a new backyard view and new neighbors, so if you're not happy with either, just wait and it will all change soon enough.

SATURDAY - The campground we find ourselves in this weekend is huge, 384 sites, all it's nearly full. There are numerous people driving the campground loops in electric golf carts.

We have a site right on the edge of the lake, like a lot of the other sites do. There are however a large majority of the sites on the interior roads of the campground that do not have a water view.

Our view outside of THE POD's front door this weekend.

Today we are going to drive around and check out all the other campgrounds located in the southern section of Land Between the Lakes NRA. Fortunately there are only a few and we were done before lunchtime.

Since we needed to go into town to fill the gas tank, we treated ourselves to a delicious authentic Mexican meal. There were left overs to bring home and have for lunch the next day.

Tomorrow we are going to hang out and enjoy our waterfront campsite, while we rest up because on Monday we have a long travel day which includes a ferry boat ride across the Mississippi River for ROVER and THE POD, and oh yeah, TWO PEAS will be there too!

SUNDAY - Like I said today is going to be a lazy day.

Tricia took this photo out the window behind the sink this morning while she was cleaning the dishes.

Just after lunch we walked up to the campground store and I purchased an ice cream sandwich to enjoy.

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