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YEAR #3 - STOP #15

"The Sooner State"
is our 29th visited state


The official state poem is “Howdy Folks,”
an ode to Oklahoma cowboy Will Rogers by David Randolph Milsten.

Well, we made it 24 miles inside Oklahoma today. We are here for a three day mid-week visit before we return to the state of Texas for at least another month's stay.

Right after we crossed the Red River on I-35 (the border between TX and OK) we saw a definite change in the price of gasoline. For the last two months we have been enjoying the record low prices of gasoline in Texas. With each fill-up we kept setting new record lows for the price we've paid.

It first started in Corpus Christi, TX when we broke a year long record going from $1.96 to $1.91. Each successive visit set a new record with prices of $1.85, $1.70 and then an amazing $1.64 before we left Waco, TX headed for Oklahoma.

Once we crossed into Oklahoma we saw a gas price that we just couldn't believe, and it was along the Interstate Highway where prices are usually 5 to 10 cent higher than just a few miles off the Interstate.

To make a longer story short, let's just say our new record lowest price paid for gasoline is now $1.39 at the Walmart in Ardmore, OK. Even better is that, after a near 200 mile travel day we had room for 23 gallons of $1.39 gas in our 36 gallon tank.

TUESDAY - Other than a trip into town to get gasoline we have no other reason to interact with anyone else this week. Our refrigerator is full, our propane is full and we have water and electric on our site. Other than one trip to the private showers we will be self isolated and easily maintain our social distance from the rest of the campers here in the park. Stay safe everyone!

Safe and sound with no neighbours

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