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YEAR #3 - STOP #13

What should have been a relatively short and easy travel day was anything but! On paper it seemed to be simple, drive 2 miles from the park to the highway, travel 40 miles north on Interstate 35, 2 more miles again to the next park and we're done.

Unfortunately the 40 miles north on I-35 took us right through the capitol city of Austin. There has been a huge population boom around Austin over the last decade and the roads and traffic conditions suffer from that growth.

What should have been a leisurely one hour drive turned into nearly two. Lots of traffic congestion and construction were the key factors in why it took so long. The bad news is next week when our new window comes in I'll have to do it all over again, twice, once on the way down and once to return to camp.

Our campsite here at Cedar Breaks Park in Georgetown, TX

SATURDAY - Today we are going on our third Texas cavern tour. Located just a few miles south of our camp is Inner Space Cavern. This cavern is kind of unique in the fact that it wasn't discovered until the mid-1960s. Most caves we've been to were discovered in the mid-1800s or earlier.

The cave was discovered by a work crew of the Texas Department of Transportation. While the crew was drilling holes to test the stability of the bedrock for building an overpass for the new Interstate 35 they lost a very expensive auger bit that fell into a void somewhere beneath them.

They drilled a new larger hole nearby and sent a man down to see if he could retrieve the lost bit. On the first attempt he came back without the bit but with a story of a magnificent cave system that no one had ever heard about.

Today you can find the entrance to Inner Space Cavern at the end of the southbound exit ramp where I-35 meets the SE Inner Loop Road that travels around the small city of Georgetown, TX.

One of the largest flowstones we've ever seen!

So much to see standing in one place.

In 150 years these two will finally meet.

SUNDAY - Today we said goodbye to our outdoor Tommy Bahama camp chairs. They were part of the package of merchandise that came with our Tommy Bahama Airstream. For nearly two years but they served us well but they are just so big and bulky. They also don't collapse down very small and it's hard to find a good place to store them when not in use.

We didn't just toss them in the trash though, there's still a lot of good use left in them. Directly across the street from us in this campground is another Airstream couple from Texas. They were outside sitting in a couple of generic brand chairs that have the exact same design as our Tommy Bahama chairs. They seemed to be comfortable and enjoying their chairs so I went over and asked them if they would like to have two more just like them, for free!

They were happy to upgrade to the Tommy Bahama chairs with the zippered pouch on the front and back, not to mention the head rest pillows, and said that their kids and grandkids would probably find use of their old chairs.

You may be wondering, "what will we sit in now around the campfire"?

Back in January, when we were hanging out with 125 other Airstream couples at the Canopener Rally in Florida, we had the opportunity to take a lot of different style chairs for a so called "free test drive".

Tricia found a brand of folding camp style rocking chairs that felt very comfortable to sit in. It just so happens that a chain of Texas based sports stores, Academy Sports + Outdoors, carry the rocking chairs she liked, plus they have them in stock locally. That will eliminate the need for Amazon shipping and pickup, which is how we purchase most everything these days.

They fold down smaller and store easily, also did I mention, they rock! So it's out with the old, and in with the new, when it comes to our outdoor seating comfort.

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Last night in Round Rock, TX
we paid $1.77 for gasoline

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