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YEAR #3 - STOP #5

Today was along 200+ mile travel day. It's been nearly five months since we traveled this kind of distance while towing THE POD. Luckily near Breaux Bridge, LA we saw a sign for a rest area just off Interstate-10. It is just about the half way point between New Orleans and Lake Charles, our starting and stopping points for today.

Atchafalaya Welcome Center allows RVers and truck drivers to overnight park for free. Their bathrooms are open all night and during regular business hours they even have free coffee available inside the Welcome Center.

We'll definitely have to keep this place in mind, if/when we pass through this area again.

TUESDAY - Just as an excuse to get out of the campground today we are going to check out a large portion of the Creole Nature Trail. It is one of nearly three dozen trails in the United States designated as an All American Road.

We started our exploring at Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point. It is a museum and information center that appeared to be geared more towards middle school children, but we were able to get a map of the highlights along the trail.

The weather today is not favorable to outdoor activities, so not once did we leave ROVER during our travel along the route. We passed through several National Wildlife Refuge areas and even got a free short ride on a ferry boat. The ferry crosses over the 100-yard wide man-made canal that connects Calcasieu Lake to the Gulf of Mexico.

This area is commonly referred to as The Louisiana Outback. It's really just miles and miles of natural marsh and bayou along the coastline. We passed through only a couple of very small communities along our 100 mile route.

Once we were back in the suburbs of Lake Charles, LA it was time for lunch. The docent back at Adventure Point recommended we check out the Seafood Palace restaurant. We were so glad we did! As our last Louisiana meal, I once again had the Shrimp and Crab Gumbo with a Grilled Shrimp and Fish Platter. Tricia had the Grilled Fish Tacos with French Fries. We really enjoyed the no frills atmosphere and reasonable pricing.

Yum Yum!

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