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YEAR #3 - STOP #3

During today's travels we leapfrogged completely over the state of Alabama. As a matter of fact we only spent about an hour there, seeing as the entire coastline is only about 65 miles from east to west.

We are back at Davis Bayou, the Gulf Islands National Seashore campground, located in Ocean Springs, MS. Last year we passed though this park in February before we headed north for the Natchez Trace Parkway and later on New England.

The campground has nice cell phone coverage, adequate bathrooms and great showers. It's located twenty five miles from Foley RV in Gulfport, MS where we have an appointment tomorrow morning to finally get our power front awning repaired. Best of all, it's half price for us, being a National Park campground. At only $11.00 a night it's such a bargain.

WEDNESDAY - We were up early this morning and prepared to tow our home over to Foley RV for our 8:00AM appointment. We arrived early, dropped off THE POD and went a short way down the road to Waffle House for breakfast.

With a quick trip to the Tractor Supply Store and we were able to get our little 4.5-lb./1-gal. propane tank refilled. We use this tank exclusively for BBQing. I hate the practice of using those little 1-lb. green bottles everyone is familiar with. Not only because of the price, but because of all the waste and hassle of properly disposing of them when they are empty. The employee was also kind enough to mention that after this June I would have to get my tank inspected and recertified if I want to continue refilling it. It's hard to believe that I've been using this tank for 12 years now. The process of getting the recertification is less than $20, far less than replacing the tank with a new one.

We arrived back at the RV dealership after a couple other small errands, like filling up with gasoline, at were pleased to find that work on our awning had been completed. We hooked up THE POD and went back to the campsite. After lunch we opened up our awning for the first time in over 10 weeks and found out it's still not right.

It seems the fabric of the awning has shifted over about four inches on one side and is wrinkling it up when being closed up, not good! A quick phone call to John at Foley RV and another appointment is now scheduled for us on Friday morning.

THURSDAY - We've been silently keeping track of something on our website for the last couple of days. Back on January 1st when we signed up to be members of The Airstream Club International we were given the opportunity to select our membership number. Anything number higher than 1000 and lower than 32000 was acceptable if it wasn't already taken. Our first choice of 11511 (11/5/11-our wedding anniversary) was already taken but our second choice of 18512 (2018/5/12-a variation of 5/12/18-the date we started fulltiming) was not spoken for.

I was trying to find a place on our website to prominently display our new membership number and club logo when I decided near the top of the right hand column would be the best spot.

After placing it there I noticed that directly above it was our "Fulltime on the Road Counter" and in just a few days that we will have been on the road for 1 year 8 months 5 days and 12 hours - 18512.

So for one short hour today, January 16, 2020 our numbers were in sync. Unlike Halley's Comet passing within view of the Earth once every 76 years, this will never happen again!

FRIDAY - Once again we were awake early to hitch up and bring THE POD back over to Foley RV. This time when we arrived we didn't even have to unhitch. The technician started to work on our awning the minute we drove up and just 30 minutes later we were done and out of there. It feels good to get this fixed and finally put behind us.

First time in a long time we've been able to use our awning!

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